Hannah Yiu

Web Development Team Lead

Hannah is a web developer with a background in linguistics and a penchant for design.

Her earliest adventures in web development began with making HTML fan sites with Comic Sans font and blinking neon text. Luckily, her tastes in design have since improved, as has her repertoire of programming technologies. After completing a 12-week intensive web development program with App Academy, Hannah focused on working mainly with Javascript and the front-end, satisfying her yen for puzzle solving and visual creativity. Joining Beezwax has given her the opportunity to reacquaint herself with Ruby on Rails and foster her growth as a full-stack developer.

When not coding for the web, Hannah can sometimes be found coding small Arduino projects, trading in blinking neon text for blinking LEDs. She also enjoys playing the cello and ukulele, and attempting to fill notebooks with silly drawings and paintings. She is passionate about improving diversity and inclusion in the tech industry and is an active member of the Lesbians Who Tech community.

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