Jinal Shah

UI/UX Designer

Jinal believes UX Design is an art and a science. She aims to create products that are useful, efficient to develop, and beautiful, while understanding user needs through empathy and by conducting research to validate assumptions. Her end goal is to generate value for all stakeholders involved. Jinal strives to be the bridge that connects usability, art and technology.

"As designers we get to envision and implement the future of digital products,” says Jinal. “This a great ethical responsibility, where we can use knowledge to improve user experience at a deeper level."

Jinal has pursued an MA in design at San Francisco State University with a concentration in interaction design. She is extremely passionate about this field and constantly learning new skills.

In her free time, she enjoys dancing, painting and cooking. Previously she taught art to kids and adults in her free time. Jinal is also a trained Kathak dancer; Kathak is a dance form originating in northern India. Originally used as a form of storytelling, Kathak requires precise yet delicate movements and years of training. She also speaks 3 languages and has been a vegetarian her entire life.

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