Lon Cook

Senior Developer

At the age of five, Lon had handled an Apple computer, but not yet seen a color television. Creative leanings, a mathematical inclination, and eye for detail led to studies in sculpture, interior design and architecture -- complemented by a cultivation of the digital arts. Lon has worn many hats, including web designer, sculptor, Macintosh technician, scale model builder, database admin, rotoscoper, and FileMaker developer. It was while working for Computer Gaming World that he built his first FileMaker solution, cataloguing a video game library of 30,000 titles.

One of Lon’s favorite FileMaker projects was building a resource management database for an artisan food supplier. His training in hands-on artistic media helped him design a FileMaker system that reflected the client’s hand-crafted approach to business, while injecting enough programming skill to power data charts, web store integration and a mobile sales team on FileMaker Go.

A designer who programs? A programmer who designs? Lon harnesses both disciplines, and prides himself on building elegant, intuitive interfaces, on powerful backends. He approaches consulting work as a collaborator, fostering long relationships, and counting many clients among his friends.

Lon is a FileMaker Certified Developer.

Lon’s artistic pursuits include sculpture, photography, and papercraft. In other free time that he affords himself, Lon also enjoys cycling, and sci-fi films of Cold War-era Russia and East Germany.

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