Max Petrusenko


Max is a software engineer and product developer. He’s handled a wide range of custom project work, as well as development on Beezwax modular solutions for mapping, ecommerce, integration, system performance and more. He is a FileMaker 18 Certified Developer.

Max came from a business background, including education in Global Management. His love for problem solving, algorithms and creating innovative solutions led to formal training and a career as a software developer, mastering FileMaker, JavaScript and more. He landed at Beezwax after spending time in several entrepreneurial settings — working on websites, ecommerce and Vlogging — along with training in software engineering through 42 Silicon Valley.

Beyond programming, Max enjoys sports, hiking, and ongoing self-education. Amongst many paths to the goals of spiritual enlightenment, Max says he continually seeks to learn and grow both personally and professionally.