Sarah Banks

Senior Developer / Business Analyst

Sarah is a Tableau Certified Data Analyst, and self-proclaimed "data geek" who loves using Tableau and other technologies in supporting the amazing things people do. She says she is “energized by compiling research, problem solving issues, and finding the stories behind data”. She relishes opportunities to push an organization’s mission forward, while making sure their primary purpose does not get lost in the technical details.

Sarah has an extensive background in the public and nonprofit sector, having worked with a variety nonprofit organizations, research groups, and K-12 school systems prior to joining Beezwax. Sarah was first exposed to Tableau through a pilot licensing program for school districts, and immediately fell in love with the ease of making beautiful and functional data displays. She has since been a Tableau-vangelist (that’s a thing, right?), and loves showing people what their data can do.

After graduating with a math degree, and starting the path toward teaching high school math & physics, Sarah’s career took a slight detour when she began coordinating research studies at the University of Washington. There, she was exposed to data analysis, and discovered how fulfilling it was to build technology solutions that help answer tough questions. Sarah merged her love of data with her passion for education, and became involved in research, assessment, accountability, data management and strategic planning in local public schools at the district level. In between and in addition, she has volunteered her time as tutor, mentor, fundraiser, and technical advisor helping nonprofits use data to improve their fundraising, apply for grants, track compliance measures, and evaluate program effectiveness.

When she’s not nerding out on data, Sarah can be found spending time with her husband and kids, working in her garden, raising chickens, volunteering, and embarking on new adventures enjoying the outdoors in the beautiful pacific northwest.

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