Yineng Zhang


Yineng is a software engineer working on FileMaker, JavaScript and Tableau development. "I was attracted to Beezwax from the high praises that others shared about the company, and the opportunity to work with a wide technology stack," he says.

Yineng originally joined Beezwax through our developer internship program in partnership with Claris and 42 Silicon Valley (42 SV). In addition to learning FileMaker, his path to becoming a software engineer through 42 SV included working with JavaScript, C, C++, PHP and Python. At Beezwax, he has supported several long-term FileMaker projects, dug deeper into JavaScript, and added Tableau development to his growing skillset.

Before training as a software engineer, Yineng worked as an FP&A analyst for a biotech unicorn, and as a business analyst for a large finance company where he created a services tracking system that saved the company several hundred thousand dollars per year.

Yineng holds a BS/BA in Finance from Northeastern University. Outside of work he likes to go fishing, although he claims he rarely ever catches anything.