meet the beez

As a team, we bring a variety of skills and experience to our work. Since 1996, Beezwax has grown organically, broadening in scope, with each new Bee adding his or her own interests and talents.

then now
Julian Nadel President & Founder Tim Flynn Senior Developer Andrew Reichart Director of Account Management Carter Brooks Senior Developer Vincenzo Menanno Director of FileMaker Development Rajendra Serber Senior Developer Will M. Baker Senior Developer Luke van der Westhuyzen Senior Program Manager Simon Brown Developer & Sys Admin Elaine Mah Office and Finance Manager Rennie Innis Developer H. Seano WhiteCloud Designer Aaron Leese Developer Ammar Ali Senior Developer Kime Smith Developer Paz Rheinstein Senior Developer Hanz Morato Senior Developer L. Allen Poole Developer Rob Westergaard Developer David Sparrow Senior Developer Brian Schick Senior Developer Dave Martin IT Technician & Developer Jay Gonzales Technical Project Manager Mike Anelli Network Admin & Developer Francisco Tufró Developer Lon Cook Senior Developer Marquete Navarro Senior Developer Pedro Carbajal Senior Developer Milhouse Palacios project manager & certified scrum master Rob Costin developer Melanie Selover Admin Rachel Nisbeth Account Manager Pablo del Sel Developer Mary Martinez developer Adam Sugerman developer Heather Swarner senior developer Stephane Thomas developer Alexei Folger senior systems engineer Ryan Simms senior developer Brian Bugh Senior Developer Jeremy Bante senior developer Ernie Nadel Chief Financial Officer Perren Smith developer Nancy Botkin developer Vaughn Meyers developer Tonya Makowski developer Darren Burgess senior developer abe zaidi project manager Shivam Daryanani developer Stefano Lesandrini developer Steve Senft-Herrera developer Federico Ramirez developer